NIV Study Bible App Reviews

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Ive always been a fan of the NIV version. Its great to have a digital version of The Word of God. May the Holy Spirit continue to reveal Gods will thru His Inspired Word.

Highly Recommended

A beautiful bible app, rich in study notes, maps, charts and resources. Beautiful fonts, layout and interface.

Well worth the price!

If you are looking for a Bible app, this is it! An extremely full-featured application, it allows you to search, read, and get some background info on texts, and topics. It is LARGE! Updates take forever to load (so do this over night), but I found the support for this application to be excellent. However, it loads quickly, and you can be reading a bible text in church as quickly as the speaker reads the reference. (Dont do this, though, since it looks like you are checking your e-mail, rather than listening to Gods Word!!!!) Over all - highly recommended!!


This is an excellent app for self study of the bible or just enjoying Gods word. More highlight colours or the ability to draw symbols on the text would score a 5 star from me. Great work, thank you!

Dont do it

You pay the money then you got to buy all the commentaries and bibles and info i wasnt satisfied

Sidewalk Christian

Can it get any better than this? Super App for Bible study hands down.

Very good

If only we read it more!

Good bible

I use lots of bible programs. This is the one I kep coming back to. Only thing I would like to add that would make it a five is reading plans and tracking.

Well done!

Comprehensive, well laid out. Could use a better tracking system.

Awesome! Very fast!

Works very well!

Love it!

If your looking for a great bible app this is it!

Love this app

I love everything about this app! This makes studying the Bible easy everything is a finger tap away. I Love it absolutely love it!

The best way to study the bible

No question this is the best way to study the bible. For the first time, I have an app (an iBook) that is better than the paper edition (which Ive been using for two decades now). The user interface is fabulous, allows you to bookmark, take notes, and highlight. And most importantly, find just the right passage at just the right time.

Interactive feature

The interactive feature continues to crash and wont fully load

Very Good thumbs up

It is the NIV Study Bible and its nicely translated into an app. Good job, thanks

Great app

Nice to have a NIV study Bible in app form. It is very easy to navigate and the layout is great. It would be nice to have reading plans integrated in the app and be able to track them. I have to use another app just for that.

Great Study Bible

Features outstanding as always!

Worth it!

The app is fantastic because it has all the information of the hard copy in a great layout that is well thought out. I use this app much more often than the hard copy which sits collecting dust.

A Good Resource

This is a good resource for on the road coffee shop meetings and small groups. Excellent maps and references. Quick and easy to access. Use it all the time when I am out and about doing outreach.

Better than expected

Still learning the features, but each time I use it, I find more available and useful features.

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